LTO8 Backup 17 Aug 2022

For the past decade, Outpost has been using LTO as our media archive solution. This is the IT Industry standard for the long term storage of content and is ​hugely more reliable and cost effective... View Article

HP Z8 11 Aug 2022

We have installed ten new HP Z8 computers for our continued upgrade of the facility and to specifically help with the large increase in 4K work we are seeing.

Outpost Facilities Award winner – Best Editing in a Short Film 28 Jul 2022

Jacob King is this year’s University of Portsmouth winner of the Best Editing in a Short Film award, sponsored by Outpost Facilities, for the film Gloves Up. We are proud to be a part of... View Article

New Grading Suite 18 Feb 2022

As part of the renovations to the post production building at Pinewood we have created a brand new 4k, HDR, Davinci Resolve Grading Suite and welcomed our new inhouse Colourist Michelle Cort. Michelle has been... View Article

New Server Room 6 Oct 2021

We have returned to our home in the Post Production building at Pinewood Studios following some renovation work and are pleased to announce some developments in our infrastructure to allow more remote editing.

Raysync File Transfer 26 May 2021

We’ve installed a Raysync fast transfer media server to help with file delivery and remote workflow. Read more here