Raysync File Transfer 26 May 2021

We’ve installed a Raysync fast transfer media server to help with file delivery and remote workflow. Read more here  

Remote workflow 24 May 2021

Due to the pandemic we have further adapted our remote workflow. For offline editor workflows, we can stream HD pictures to anywhere, allowing clients to access their edits by simply logging into a web browser.... View Article

Nearline Storage update 21 May 2021

We have added another 200TB of nearline QNAP storage this year to keep up with our 4K HDR workload.

Davinci Resolve 18 May 2021

We’ve now moved our grading to be on Davinci Resolve for better end to end HDR workflows. This also enables us to remote grade with calibrated monitoring and no delay.

Red Dwarf VFX 16 Jul 2020

Great article on our work on the VFX for Red Dwarf:The promised land

Facilis Hub Storage 25 Apr 2020

We have just added a new 192TB Media Server to increase our online capacity and speed.