Covid 19 Policy & Risk Assessment


Here at OutPost Facilities we understand that the health, safety and wellbeing of clients who work alongside us is of utmost importance. For this reason we have made it a priority to protect users and prevent the spread of the virus, for those working both on site at Pinewood Studios and for those in Home Edits.

Our Covid19 Health and Safety policy and procedure has been created according to guidance from the World Health Organization and the NHS to ensure that we can work in a safe environment. This document will be regularly updated according to changes in guidance, risk assessment and operational procedure as needed.


Health & Safety


1. Social Distancing


At OutPost Facilities we have taken measures to enable people to socially distance themselves whilst working at the facility. These measures include:

  • An attendance list to prevent unpermitted access to the facility, managed by Nigel Gourley.
  • Designated work areas for all staff and clients.
  • A ‘1 in 1 out’ rule for communal areas, such as kitchen, stairs, toilets etc.
  • A clean drop off area at the Reception to eliminate hand to hand interaction.
  • Couriers are requested to wait outside 2 metres away from the main entrance when completing jobs.
  • All meetings or technical support to be carried out via telephone or video conference where possible.
  • Face to face communication to be avoided, alternative side by side conversation are preferred.

A rota for access to the kitchen area will be produced for those working at the facility to have their lunch.

We strongly encourage lunch to be eaten either within the edit suites, or at one of the picnic benches outside of the facility (2 people per bench).

 Apart from during your designated lunch time, our kitchen area will be closed to all staff and clients, apart from one allocated runner. All used crockery should be left outside of the edit suites on a tray to be collected by the designated runner.

All personnel are asked to follow the governments social distancing guidelines –

Diagram of Facilities Layout


The following Edit suites can hold a maximum of two people according to social distancing procedure. -VFX, Server room 1&2, Office, E3, E4, E5, E8, E11.

Edit 1 /2/6/7/9/10 may hold a maximum of four people if social distancing is strictly follow.

The Reception Room may also hold a maximum of four people if social distancing is strictly followed, however will regularly house two members of staff only.

All corridors and stairwells should operate on a ‘1 in 1 out’ policy.

Admittance to the kitchen will be prohibited to all staff and clients other than the designated kitchen coordinator, apart from during lunch hours according to a weekly rota based on needs, this is subject to change.


2. Personal Hygiene and Well-being


We would like all staff and clients using the facilities at OutPost Facilities to please adhere to the following hygiene and well-being practices.

  • On arriving at the facility hands should be washed or sanitised
  • Hand washing frequently using soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Hand sanitising hands after each beverage or snack given by the dedicated kitchen coordinator
  • Clean and clear desk policy to be practised to enable ease of cleaning
  • Verbal only greetings
  • Only essential personal items should be brought to the workplace

OutPost Facilities recognise the increased stress and anxiety individuals working are exposed to, and will discuss changes and welcome an open forum where relevant.


3. PPE


Protective Masks

Masks may lower the chance of an individual spreading the virus. Protective masks should:

  • Cover both nose and mouth
  • Not be allowed to dangle around the neck after or between each use
  • Not be touched once put on
  • Be changed when they become moist or damaged
  • Hand hygiene must be performed after disposal/ removal of mask for washing.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves may be worn when preparing food/drinks and handling of assets and equipment which are in use by a client where support is required.

Disposable gloves are subject to single use and must be disposed of immediately after completion of a procedure or task, and after any personal contact, followed by hand hygiene.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitizer will be made available for use in every communal area and will be frequently cleaned.

Anti-Bac Wipes and cleaning equipment

Anti-Bacterial wipes will be supplied in suites, receptions & communal areas throughout the facilities. These are for use on hard surfaces, e.g. desks. Specific cleaning products will be available at reception for electronics.


4. Cleaning Practices


OutPost Facilities encourage all clients not to attend the facility unless it is not possible for work to be completed remotely.

When clients are attending “deep cleans” will be carried out in the working areas before and after attendance. These are done in addition to the regular cleaning and include:

• Sanitizing of all desk tops and legs

• Sanitizing of all sills and ledges

• Sanitizing of all hand rails and bannisters

• Sanitizing of all doors and handles

• Sanitizing of all chair arms and bases

• Washing of all bins and thorough disinfecting

• Sanitizing of all cupboard doors

• Sanitizing of all filing cabinets and radiators

• Sanitizing of all other exposed areas

• Sanitizing of all telephones and computer equipment

In addition to Deep Cleans, daily cleaning will be carried out by one staff member in each building with the following instructions:

• Spray/wipe down all door handles every hour

• Spray/wipe down all sanitiser dispensers every hour

• Spray/wipe down all communal areas and coffee machines every hour

• Ensure hand sanitisers are always full

When using communal areas such as the kitchen, please sanitise and wipe down all surfaces, where you are preparing food before and after use. Cleaning equipment will be provided and clearly labelled.


5. Symptom Management & Contact Tracing


OutPost Facilities has a sickness register for Covid19 reporting. All information collected will be kept secure in line with GDPR guidance and deleted within 12 months.

Anyone with symptoms must follow the Government guidelines on self-isolation and are not allowed to attend the facility.

Temperature readings

To ensure the safety of all staff and clients, upon arrival a designated member of staff will take the temperature readings of all staff, clients and suppliers before entering the premises. A reading of 37.8 or higher will be considered as a fever and therefore a symptom of the virus.

Anyone with suspected COVID-19 in the facilities will be sent to an isolation room if they can’t leave immediately. Transport will then be arranged for them to get home.

All areas visited or potentially visited by the individual will then be deep cleaned, and people who may have been in contact will be notified.

COVID19 Tracking app

We strongly encourage every individual entering the facility to download the NHS COVID19 Tracking app on their devices. If any employee or visitor receives a notification from the NHS app that they have been exposed to COVID-19, they must follow the apps instructions, go home and self-isolate immediately.

Returning to the facility

OutPost Facilities will request subsequent results of COVID-19 tests before reentry to the facilities is permitted.

Where an individual tests positive, any and all employees or clients who could have come into contact with said individual would be notified and asked to follow self-isolation guidelines.



6. Travelling to Work


Employees and Clients are recommended to follow government guidance when commuting to work –


7. Asset Handling


Staff will use gloves when handling all assets; including but not limited to:

  • collection or delivery of assets to and from reception
  • wiping of assets
  • collection assets form edit supports/suites/clients.

Assets shouldn’t be passed directly from one person to another. In and out shelves have been supplied in technical areas and receptions.


8. Compliance


Here at OutPost Facilities we hope you will respect our procedures and work with us to ensure that the policies and procedures are adhered to for a safe working environment for all.

Instances of failure to comply with social distancing and hygiene measured will be noted, and could result in access to the facility being prohibited.

We will regularly remind staff and clients of their responsibilities to ensure we can operate in the safest way, and will provide updates for any changes to the Health and Safety measures.


Risk Assessment





Attending Office

Human contact.

Virus transmission

  • Temperature of all clients and staff to be taken before entry.
  • Regular Cleaning will take place.
  • Social distancing measures according to Government guidance to be adhered to.
  • Work from remote edits where possible.

Beverages and lunch

Human contact.

Virus transmission

  • Kitchen coordinator to be responsible for food and drink making and distribution.
  • Gloves to be worn for distribution.
  • Drinks will be left on trays outside of edit suites, will knock on door to alert clients.
  • Clients to leave dirty crockery on trays when they are finished.
  • Lunch time rota with cleaning.
  • Hand sanitiser

Technical support

Human contact with equipment between different people.

  • All technical support to be completed over the phone and using a remote access login system where possible.
  • If this is not possible, gloves and masks are to be worn by the individuals carrying out the technical support.
  • The suite is to be cleaned afterward.

Viewings and other invitations to the facility

Over crowding in edit suites or communal areas prohibiting staff and clients from safely following social distancing procedures

  • All invitation requests to be coordinated by Nigel Gourley to monitor attendance and overcrowding.
  • Where possible viewings to be done using MediaSilo links or Livestreaming 
  • Occupancy restrictions to be adhered to.
  • If required, the possibility of viewings to be held in larger rooms could be considered.

Security and access

Human contact.

Virus transmission

  • Each individual is responsible for their edit suite key.
  • The tap access points and handles will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • No keypad access points.

Asset management

Human contact.

Virus transmission

  • In and out tray in reception for all assets.
  • Handled with gloves.
  • All assets to be cleaned upon receival.
  • All assets will be logged into the management system with where they came from and who contacted in case of tracing.